Shard Capital Funds

Dynamic wealth creation

Shard Capital Funds is a fund management strategy focused on preserving the wealth and maintaining the purchasing power of investors. It achieves this by purchasing stock in cash flow positive companies and early value opportunities, which are selected using a disciplined investment process and a stringent risk assessment similar to those used by commercial lenders. Shard Capital Funds’ highly skilled fund managers, each with over 20 years’ experience, take a common sense approach in their selection of securities, applying commercial lenders’ due diligence to all potential investments which is then overlaid by rigorous independent risk management.

At a glance

  • Investing in quality, hand-picked with care. We are investors not traders
  • Offering flexibility in asset allocation, diversification and class leading returns
  • Investing using a “commercial lender’s hat” to evaluate actual current financial health of companies

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Dimitri Masselos
Diego Tafi
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