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Clear returns with built in protection

Shard Capital Structured Investments provide investment solutions designed to optimise positive risk adjusted returns, regardless of the prevailing market conditions. As such, it looks to insulate investors from systemic market shocks, offering a safer way to get exposure to traditional asset allocations. Its award winning team has a long term, proven record and targets a broad-base including discretionary fund managers, IFAs, family offices and elective professionals.

Our Equity Linked Target Return portfolios have been developed for investors to generate a positive return in a range of market environments. For years, the accepted wisdom of investing has been that you invest in riskier assets such as equities when you are young and steadily move your portfolio towards safer assets such as bonds as you near retirement. Investors today face a series of unprecedented challenges. Simple reliance on equities and bonds delivering a decent return and using diversification to manage risk will increasingly fail to deliver the returns investors want. We must instead respond to the challenges we face and be smarter when taking risk in a low interest rate environment.

At a glance

  • Daily liquidity: investors can buy and sell every day on each managed account across the risk buckets
  • Constant availability: there’s no closing date and so no risk that an Equity Linked Note closes before the application can be processed
  • Immediate investment exposure, with no delay before strike/launch date
  • Portfolios are risk-graded solutions, so it’s easy to determine which one is suitable for each investor’s risk appetite
  • Instant diversification with diversified issuer exposure, market exposure and a spread of strike dates and index levels
  • Managed reinvestment of early redemption and maturity proceeds via active management
  • Quarterly distribution of any income received if required
  • Expert investment management: the manager is able to identify the Equity Linked Notes that offer the best returns from the range of eligible investments
  • On-line valuations and reporting for investors and advisers.

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