Meet the team

institutional broking

James Lewis

Managing Partner

James Lewis, Founder and Managing Partner of Shard Capital Partners. Group AUM exceeds USD 1 billion. Prior to getting involved in Asset Management he expanded a small Dutch brokerage from a handful of staff in Amsterdam to a diversified brokerage company with over 150 personnel spread across 9 countries, transacting deals from High Grade to High Yield Fixed Income and Loans; Structured products through to exchanged traded equities. With steady organic growth over the last 5 years Shard has several teams of high quality executives executing the Fixed Income, Stockbroking and Direct Lending strategies, combined with a strong focus on the client driven business.

Ronnie Alder


Ronnie joined Shard Capital in September 2013 on his return from Asia where he set up, ran and trained staff for both an Investment grade desk and later an Agency style business for Amstel Securities. The dealing platform he set up is still being used by Amstel to this day. Before this, Ronnie worked in the Amstel London office trading primarily Middle East & North African bonds, bringing new clients to the company and ensuring the smooth running of operations from booking to settlement. He left for Asia as one of the highest producers in London.