Sure Valley Ventures investee company War Ducks is visited by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

27 January 2020

WarDucks CEO and founder Nikki Lannen introduced Cook to the forthcoming game, already playable in its early stages, and even gave him a chance to get hands-on with an AR hero battle on an Apple iPad. “This looks ready to ship now,” Cook said, smiling, though Lannen assured him the game still has a long way to go. When the team described WarDucks’ ambitious goals for the product, Cook assured them, “It sounds like you’ve done this sort of thing before.”

Mostly true, but not exactly, because the expansive game now in development has unique new features that create an experience never before seen on mobile platforms. WarDucks is breaking new ground with this highly anticipated title, and an announcement with further details will be forthcoming shortly. 

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