Alternative Assets

Our approach to the Alternative Market is based on the wide ranging experience and expertise of our team.

The Shard Capital team are highly experience former investment bankers who have specialised in capital markets. We understand the mechanics of risk, credit and returns, and have the expertise to analyse deals in depth to identify their risks and the strategies required to take such deals to completion.

We present just a small portion of the deals we see to our investor clients.  Each potential transaction is test, back tested and due diligence conducted before we take it to market.

We favour deals with credible management that can demonstrate track-record, a realistic approach to market and can clearly explain and manage the opportunity.

We preference deals structured on the back of predictable cash flows from leases or contracts. We want to see support for deals in terms of contracts, IP, supply and demand, plans and projections. Deals that are scalable and likely to draw in new business are preferable to one-offs.

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