A collaboration with Marex Solutions to provide superior pricing and service for companies looking to hedge

Shard Capital offers hedging solutions to commodity consumers and producers. It works in partnership with Marex Solutions, an Investment Grade rated entity (BBB), which acts as the trading arm of Shard Capital and is the first Fintech of its kind to emerge within commodities.

Shard Capital combines the expertise of its sales team with the technical expertise and market-making ability of Marex Solutions to provide superior service and pricing. This unique, and efficient partnership is a positive development that sees the emergence of a new hedging provider on commodities following the ongoing retreat of traditional players, namely banks, from this industry. The technological edge provided by Marex Solutions is displayed through its in-house developed application called AGILE.

You can find out more about AGILE here.


  • Deploy capital, data, and people more effectively through joint model between Shard Capital & Marex
  • Superior service and pricing versus the banks
  • Enhanced decision making and on-demand scalability at speed
  • Fast onboarding: 2 -3 weeks on average with Marex solutions versus bank onboarding of 6 – 12 months
  • AGILE app allows clients to monitor their positions with real-time visibility.

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Team members

Ashley Boolell
Chris Woods
Carlos Ramirez