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The go-to alternative lender of choice for SMEs

Shard Credit Partners is an innovative provider of alternative finance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the UK lower mid-market*. With traditional bank lenders balance sheets constrained as a result of increasing regulatory capital requirements, Shard Credit Partners fills the funding gap through its direct lending fund. This matches the income needs and longer term liability profiles of institutional investors such as insurance companies and pension funds with the funding requirements of the UK SME sector. It boasts a professional track record stretching over 80 years of sourcing, originating, executing and then managing loans worth a combined total of £70 billion-equivalent across the UK/Europe and the US.

At a glance

  • Alternative finance provider to UK & Irish lower-mid market SMEs – plugging the funding gap that has opened up since the financial crisis
  • Providing, as sole lender, senior secured unitranche loans of £5-25 million per borrower – follows extensive proprietary market testing
  • Low volatility senior secured asset class – offers significant downside protection
  • Fundamental bottom-up approach to credit analysis
  • Exceptional team with relevant track records targeting both the private equity backed (Sponsored) and non-PE backed (Sponsorless) direct lending categories

*companies having an enterprise value below £50 million

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Gordon Watters
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