Sure Valley Ventures

Real returns in a virtual world

Suir Valley Ventures is an entrepreneur-led venture capital fund. Its primary focus is to invest in high-growth, private software start-ups in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) space, with a secondary focus on FinTech and Internet of Things start-ups. Backed by one of Europe’s leading applied and commercial research centres, TSSG, and the commercial arm of the Irish Government, Enterprise Ireland, Suir Valley’s experienced team has privileged insights into the markets, access to new technologies and capital, as well as relevant financial structuring experience

At a glance

  • We have a unique team and resources which give us privileged access to insights into the markets, technology and ultimately a start-up pipeline and network
  • Unrivalled access to capital and financial structuring experience. Through TSSG, the Fund is also gaining access to the Europe’s top performing Accelerator Manager (2nd in the World) and TSSG’s network of Accelerators across Europe
  • We are focused on areas of massive growth and potential over the next 5 years. AR/VR in particular is expected to be the $150 billion market by 2020.

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+44 (0)207 186 9900

Team members

Brian Kinane
Gareth Burchell
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