Investor Visa

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Our comprehensive service helps high net worth individuals and their family move to the UK through the UK’s Tier 1 investor visa category, and investment in the UK.

If you successfully obtain a Tier 1 Investor Visa, and continue to meet the eligibility requirements, you may ultimately be able to become a permanent UK resident.

The level of investment you make will dictate the time it will take to qualify for residency.


Why Investor Visa with Shard Capital?

Since launch in 2012, our award-winning solution has become one of the leading investment managers in the UK Tier 1 (Investor) visa category.

  • 5 years expertise building and refining a proven, market leading solution
  • 10 different languages spoken by the team including Russian, Mandarin and Farsi
  • 100% success rate – no failed initial, extension or settlement applications
  • Investment committee with over 100 years professional experience and track record in managing advisory & discretionary portfolios
  • In depth understanding of financial and reporting requirements for immigration law
  • Acknowledged authority in sector and membership/affiliation with all relevant bodies including active participation with UK Home Office Migration Policy committee
  • Cultural knowledge and understanding, with first-hand experience of the process
  • Expertise providing all complex paperwork and ever-changing requirements imposed by the UK Home Office

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