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Preserving and growing wealth together

Shard Capital Wealth Management offers bespoke advisory, discretionary and execution only investment management services to help clients navigate the complexities of today’s financial world. It has a dual focus on preserving and growing wealth by combining financial expertise with intelligent, tactical asset allocation based on first-class research. Continuous monitoring and active management ensure optimal performance, tailored to individual client requirements and circumstances throughout their investing lives.

At a glance

  • Wealth creation: we can provide you with a sense of clarity, confidence and certainty about your financial future by working together to help build your wealth
  • Wealth preservation: we can structure a plan to protect your assets and safeguard your wealth
  • Wealth succession: whether you are an individual or a family business, we can help you ensure your wealth is secure for future generations
  • Philanthropy & charity: we can help you make a difference to the communities and charities you love and ensure your support has the greatest impact

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Simon Alexander Legge
Maitane Fernández de Mendiola
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